I am a prayer warrior, a mom, wife, artist and a Postulant in the Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey. Currently, I am attending the General Theological Seminary where I serve as a Co-Chief Sacristan and prepare to become a candidate for Holy Orders to the Priesthood. My spiritual journey has been filled with a multitude of causeways, feelings, thoughts and emotions guided by great teachers, mentors and yes, even a good sage or two. They have blessed me with the armour of love, compassion and care. My journey has incorporated encounters with all that is heavenly to all that is hell and in between, giving me a deep desire to compassionately understand human suffering and trauma in our modern world. Developing this understanding through my Christian spiritual identity, I believe will assist not only myself but others as we provide pastoral care to those who seek. My prayer life, my worship, my relationship with Christ is of most importance to me. I practice a regular rule of life utilizing the daily office and other means of grace. I have resurrected this old blog to share a part of my Journey through the Holy Land. From there we’ll see where this all goes. Perhaps this too will become a ritual. Though I am not very technical as of days gone by with these widgets and whatnots, I will do my best to share with you a piece of my journey and the relationship I have with Christ. Along this path, sometimes overwhelmed with great emotion, my spirit song may manifest in words, art, or poetry. I hope in sharing my journey, I will inspire you to come to know your own, and deepen your spiritual relationship with God, self and others; and maybe you too will share your own. With every hope and blessing, I bid to you my love and prayers. Allison Burns-LaGreca

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