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A whisper came from the doorway10644430_10204382049743044_5528068772732856354_o
called attention from my studies,
to the left I looked, saw nothing;
but the darkness of the the shadow of where once you stood.
In the memory of my mind, hallow echoes I’ve become blind to the effects of what was once your center stage

now background music to a once saved soul not forgotten, lost but still;

I retreat from the calling;
or so plays out the excuse of an A-wall soldier of Spirit;
blinded by earthly things, placed delicately along the walls thought so important, some time ago,
Nick knack, whatcha-macall it thing a ma jigs~ expressive gadgetry’s to hide the fear, the great BIG Fear of loss.

How exhausting, when 5 little letters, 1 little word, could have saved every breathe, tear, moment lost to wasted things…


Allison Burns-LaGreca

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