God’s Tapestry

In threads of light and stardust strands,A tapestry of life expands,God's handiwork with colors bright,An ode to love, a dance of light. From mountains grand to oceans deep,In every soul, His grace does seep,A symphony of hues diverse,In sacred unity, we're immersed. All races, genders, creeds combined,In God's embrace, our hearts aligned,No boundaries drawn, no… Continue reading God’s Tapestry

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Finding Hope in the Light of Christ

Frozen in fear, I stand so still,My heart feels numb, my soul is chill,The darkness grips, I cannot fight,I long for warmth, for guiding light. But in the midst of my despair,A glimmer shines, a hope so rare,A voice that whispers, "Do not fear,For I am with you, I am near." I turn my gaze,… Continue reading Finding Hope in the Light of Christ


My Words

My Words... I want my words to color the walls of revolutionaries like a timeless masterpiece whose brushstrokes never fade and movement strikes a chord in every man, woman and child, so that when the evening shadow falls and I am called home, I will know my weary self gave everything worthy of me to… Continue reading My Words

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Video by Word Live: Psalm 42 and 43

After a very long and frustrating week, especially this day, I find great comfort in this production by Word Live (Psalm 42 and 43) I hope it brings you comfort as well.     Blessings, Allison

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I awoke in the dessert with a belly full of passion and a heart full of fire… Adhering to the whisper I stood tall reaching to the heavens calling upon the oceans to meet me… Faith-filled, I wait for them to reach me but remain Still? I do not… Slowly proceeding… Leaving tracks in the… Continue reading Loved

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Time Cake

If Time was neatly stacked like a seven Layer Cake? Would you start from the bottom or the top? Would you lick the cream, feel the sugar on your tongue and sit in awe of each layer? Would you savour each and every Bite? Would you know each and every flavour or close your eyes… Continue reading Time Cake

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Of who you are-

Dance make dreams happen Create everlasting memories of the heart So, when in time thoughts fade touch recollects the feel of your laughter the depth of your tears the heart of your triumph and the love that made it grow... Play in the rain sow, the gift of your seeds feel the warmth of the… Continue reading Of who you are-

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Who is she?

The funny thing about this economy is... you never know who is waiting your table, checking out your groceries or folding jeans at the local Gap~ Their stories and lives, far exceed your imagination, so before you judge your new check-out girl, meat-slicer, associate or co-worker, you might want to take a moment to ask… Continue reading Who is she?

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A whisper came from the doorway called attention from my studies, to the left I looked, saw nothing; but the darkness of the the shadow of where once you stood. In the memory of my mind, hallow echoes I've become blind to the effects of what was once your center stage now background music to… Continue reading Faith

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 Tom Boy

"Tom Boy" childhood gender nonconformity...according to Wikipedia... that is in terms a word, still used today? or is that socially unacceptable, anyway? I mean the name tag, thing.. The Label, the term that makes the otherwise self-indulged yuppie white 4 squared wanna be, really wannabe me. Fear locked inside their heads, utilize terms to justify… Continue reading  Tom Boy