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Who is she?

The funny thing about this economy is…
you never know who is waiting your table,
checking out your groceries or folding jeans at the local Gap~

Their stories and lives, far exceed your imagination, so before you judge your new check-out girl, meat-slicer, associate or co-worker, you might want to take a moment to ask a question or two and share in a conversation; you just may find an amazing history full of teachable moments that maps the soul to it’s authority for this person that you tower over, hold power over was once a person of prosperity and with deep integrity have humbly marched on. And wouldn’t it be something if this person you have so often walked by, pushed aside, and saw quite a bit of your cranky side as you checked out, punched out, or awaited an answer, turned out to be, a published author, or an artist or former executive. And what if by chance… right before you… stood all three? Would you be as teachable, as humble as she?

Allison Burns-LaGreca

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