God’s Tapestry

In threads of light and stardust strands,
A tapestry of life expands,
God’s handiwork with colors bright,
An ode to love, a dance of light.

From mountains grand to oceans deep,
In every soul, His grace does seep,
A symphony of hues diverse,
In sacred unity, we’re immersed.

All races, genders, creeds combined,
In God’s embrace, our hearts aligned,
No boundaries drawn, no walls to breach,
A love that’s vast, a love that’s reached.

Each strand unique, yet interwoven,
A masterpiece of love unspoken,
The tapestry of God’s creation,
A testament to life’s elation.

In every face, His likeness gleams,
Through each belief, His love redeems,
With open hearts, we celebrate,
The power of love, the end of hate.

The colors blend in harmony,
A vivid tapestry we see,
The strength of God in every thread,
A living art His hands have led.

Together strong, we stand as one,
United under heaven’s sun,
Embracing all, rejecting none,
In God’s great love, we are all one.

His boundless might we now embrace,
The beauty of His love and grace,
In every race, in every creed,
We see the truth, we feel the need.

To cherish all, to love as one,
To bask beneath our Father’s sun,
In unity, we’ll come to see,
The beauty of God’s tapestry.

For we are one in His design,
A tapestry of love divine,
In every thread, His love we find,
Together strong, our hearts entwined.

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