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Finding Hope in the Light of Christ

Frozen in fear, I stand so still,
My heart feels numb, my soul is chill,
The darkness grips, I cannot fight,
I long for warmth, for guiding light.

But in the midst of my despair,
A glimmer shines, a hope so rare,
A voice that whispers, “Do not fear,
For I am with you, I am near.”

I turn my gaze, and there I see,
The light of Christ, so bright and free,
It melts my heart, it warms my soul,
And makes me once again feel whole.

With every step, I move towards,
The light that shines, the love that pours,
And in its warmth, I find my peace,
My heart and soul, forever at ease.

So if you too feel frozen, lost,
Remember there’s a higher cost,
To living in the dark alone,
When love and light can be known.

Take heart, my friend, and do not fear,
For Christ is with you, always near,
And in His light, you too will find,
A love that’s true, a peace of mind.

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