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I awoke in the dessert
with a belly full of passion
and a heart full of fire…
Adhering to the whisper
I stood tall reaching to the heavens
calling upon the oceans to meet me…

I wait for them to reach me
but remain Still?
I do not…

Slowly proceeding…
Leaving tracks in the sand
Surrendering to the infinite possibilities
I navigate time…

Gathering seeds,
Collecting grain
Capturing the Spirit
when she dances…
And oh’ how mighty she dances…

Soft, Subtle, powerful
Intimately infused by her touch
I am illuminated by her Grace
And hypnotized by her breath.

Humbly, I prepare
for the coming of the oceans.

Don’t get me wrong….
I do hear the rumblings
of history rage behind me
with the malice of
taking me down that

dark narrow path of
Fear and Doubt
Sorrow and Loneliness
Grief and Pity

Are you calling me?
Are you really calling me? Me?

The melody of promise
Enshrouds me
drawing me closer to
the waters that lie ahead

For it is that cup before me
which drips life upon my lips
That cup of promise
Of salvation in which I drink

Baptized in His Glory
I bathe…
I am loved…
Without condition
or omission to whom it is I am
or love or how I came to be
for it is He who fills me

And with the waters of His grace
I am lifted
above the echoing ashes of those
who’ve Heckled me…
I am that Gay Christian girl
You said I couldn’t be…

I collect the relics of time…
Handed down generation to generation
I sit where others sat before me
and with Spirit
I read aloud my daily prayer,
being moved to heart-felt action

You see, Scripture nourishes me
My soul, my heart, my mind
I hear the whisper growing louder over time
Calling me…
Drawing me…
Taunting me…
Follow me…
I’m marked as Christ’s own
Here I am
That gay Christian Girl
Called to… Well, Called to… be me
Called to…. Serve… Him…
To Love Unconditionally- To Love Unconditionally
To Love Unconditionally.…
To be a vessel of His healing
To embrace others as He’s embraced me…

I am called to…
Be here for my sisters and brothers…
Those who have been tormented,
hated, degraded, hurt and mutilated
by the veil of those who proclaim themselves “of God”

You know those,
who deny my sister a respectful funeral
who prosecute my brother for defending
himself against haters as he lay in a Hospital bed
who justify murder and mutilation,
by reason of sexual orientation
And all he wanted was Wedding cake…

Standing behind that Proclamation
That they are the people “of God”
My friends,
Do you hear an Oxymoron?

My God they do not know….

I would say I am the antithesis of such proclamation
But the antithesis of Proclamation is secret
And I don’t love my God in Secret,
(although they want me too)

I love Him in the morning when my feet hit the floor
When I get in my car and go to the Grocery store
When I take my next step,
When I take my next breath
When I kneel down at night and ask Him for rest
I love my God

That’s rather Suess-ish isn’t it?

There is a veil my friends…
Pay attention to that Veil…
The Veil that proclaims to be
greater than you,
greater than me
even greater than the God
it pretends to be

Their judgment on you, on me is a fallacy.

It matters not where you stand, or
How you believe
Yahweh, Jehovah, Mohammad, Buddha, Jesus, agnostic or atheist,
I probably forgot a few

I am here to tell you…
You are Loved,
And if you are open enough to hear it
You are Loved by God
By any of those names, by all of those names
You are loved by God

He calls you by name,

Not faggot, or queer, or stupid or weird
Just Lisa, and Tommy, Judy and Jane
Shaniqua, Kareem, Rashid or even Blaine
Whatever your name

He calls you Loved
just as you are,
where you are,
who you are,

“You are enough”

Allison Burns-LaGreca

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