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Healing and Grief in the Aftermath of Orlando

Thank you Pandora Scooter and Queer Speak… Grace and Peace be yours+

You have taught us that faith as small as a mustard seed can grow into an amazing tree. Today I give you my seed of faith, my seed of healing, my seed of comfort. I place them firmly in the ground of your care and embrace. I water them with love and compassion and with the tears of our broken hearts.
God, I know the warmth of your love will make our seeds of healing comfort grow more strongly, more steadfast in the pursuit of peace, in the pursuit of mending our broken hearts, guide us in our mindfulness of others and help us to abandon our self interests and fears, so we may more clearly understand the pursuit of you and the changes we need to pursue for our common good as one people under God.
We firmly grab hold of one another, we place our trust in you as we mourn our brothers and sisters; we give to you our broken and weary hearts and entrust in the power of the Holy Spirit to heal us, as community, as a nation, as a world.
God I ask by faith that you bring us healing from this cancer of violence and hatred.
May these seeds sow healing into every area where unrest and violence has emerged. May they grow into a strong work, commanded by you, redeeming and restoring with great strength and the everlasting, ever-living power of love and peace. May they mend our broken hearts.
God of all mercies; be with us, heal us, guide and direct us in becoming united as one people of God who through the Love and Power of our Lord Jesus Christ will conquer all evil.
As we mourn God, just hold us….
May the Love and Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the power and grace of the Holy Spirit be with each of us.


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